Our Supporters

Our  members  greatly acknowledge the  the genereous financial support given by the following businesses and community organisations for their continueing support , which helps  us to maintain and update our equipment  keep our  community and neighboring communities safe from fire and other emergencies.

Our Major Supporters

Have generously assisted the brigade  with funding towards the building of  a shed to  house our Big fill unit and FCV and  the purchase of our new Medium Tanker.

    Recently funding towards the purchase of a AED  to help protect the  community and members in event of emergency 

Fosterville Goldmine

For their support towards purchase of valuable equipment , which assists the brigade to protect the community

Junortoun Post Office & Store

For their on going support.

Who have generously supported the brigade by donationating part of the profits from annual sale of Natural Chistmas trees.

All proceeds go towards purchase/maintenance of equipment.
Help support us , local business and your community by purchasing a natural Christmes tree ;from Rodelsia Nursery's Junortoun.