Fire restrictions now in force.

Be fire ready 

With Fire restrictions now applying to most of the State of Victoria its not to late to prepare your property against  bushfire .
CFA  has some helpful tips.  Read more >

Open air Burns


Conducting a burn during  CFA fire restriction period is not permitted without a written permit.        Penalties  apply 
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Make your property safe from ember attack

Take some simple steps to reduce the risk of fire around your home.
Clean your gutters of all debris
Rake up and remove leaf litter and fallen tree bark that accumulates around the yard.
Remove flammable materials from verandahs and decks
Cut and clear long grass from around your residence.
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Community Fire Safety Information

The CFA Website has a substantial amount of information and advice to help you prepare for the coming fire season
Visit or " Access Here".

Can I or Cant I

Find out what you can or can't do during the declared Fire Danger Period and on days of Total Fire Ban, when fires and use of some equipment in the open is legally restricted.
Download a PDF copy of CFA "Can I or Cant I" brochure
Download  here > 

 Plan for your pets

 Include your pets in your Bushfire Plan.
Plan what your will do with your pets, do you have have a Bushfire relocation kit ?.
For more tips on Bushfire and pets

 Whats your plan ?

 Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family, if you wait until you see smoke and flames its probably to late .
 On Total fire Ban and Code Red days don't rely on official warnings to leave