Junortoun Fire Brigade

Protecting life and property together

Volunteers proudly serving our community


Junortoun is 9 kilometers east of Bendigo on the McIvor Highway.
Our fire brigade was established in 1943 to provide a volunteer fire and emergency service to protect the local and neighboring communities from fire and other emergencies

summer fire Safety

To enjoy summer and stay safe you need to be aware of the Fire Danger Rating and weather in your location

Know your Fire District

Junortoun is located in the Northern Fire District.
Fire danger ratings (FDR) may vary across the state during the Bushfire season. Therefor it is essential you know your fire district.
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Current Weather

weather radar

Fire Danger Rating

Today is  not a day of Total Fire Ban.

The fire danger rating for today in the Northern Country fire district

fire danger period

Commenced 5th December 2016 

This means you cannot light a fire in the open air unless you have a permit or comply with certain requirements. If you don't obtain a permit, you could be breaking the law and may be prosecuted.

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Reduce your bush fire risk

You can reduce the fire risk around your home by clearing out anything that could fuel a fire.
  Things you can do to help include: regularly mowing the grass and raking up leaves

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Prepare your fire Plan

Whether you plan to stay and defend or leave, you need a written plan that is practised and understood by your whole family

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fire Safety

slashing/cutting grass

Tractors and ride on mowers cutting and slashing grass are a major cause of grass fires.

To reduce risk of fire, only operate ride ons, slashers early morning or evening when it is cooler
Always carry a knapsack or similar water source for immediate use in need. 

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zero tolerance policy

CFA again this Fire Danger Period will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to any fires resulting from negligent behaviour or left  burning in the open air without a relevant permit or permission.

Expect any fire you start to be fully investigated by police.

Heavy penalties apply

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Only working smoke alarms save lives.

Tips to keep your smoke alarms in working order  

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